Life: The treasure hunt

I have always perceived life as a treasure hunt. You know, those stereotypical cartoonish treasure hunts with a parchment map. In the map there would be a path illustrated with small dots, looking like organized ants going towards their nest.

At the end of the line there is a big red cross, an X, which would be the final destination. Something that would put an end to the travel, to the hunt and it would reveal itself as a wonderful treasure.

At some point I have now come to the conclusion that this is actually how life is to be perceived. A treasure hunt with the final destination at the big red cross: In this case the destination would be death.

So this hunt is not about reaching the destination within a short amount of time, although you do not know if the journey will be short or long. Time has no say in this matter. The thing that matters is the journey itself.

Every bump on the road to this X, your final destination, makes you stronger and more experienced in the terrain which you are walking through. These experiences make you able to make logical and sensible decisions which can make the road more pleasant to you. Perhaps you might be presented with a wonderful scenery around you which you can enjoy while you are travelling. At other times you have to struggle a bit to find back on the track which you were following.

You are allowed also to go off-road and try to find another way to X, but just be aware that this perhaps will not be in your favour and you will have to deal with the consequences of your actions later on.

If you meet another person who is looking for their X but it perhaps is in a whole other direction than yours – you can help them find their way but never forget that you have to return to your own track.

It might sound as if it is an unfair struggle towards nothingness which we as humans often fear or repress because it is too intangible. But to be honest, I am tired of being afraid and asking too many questions because of worry for the future. My tendency to grab a hold of the past is also very useless in this matter if I do not focus on the road which I am walking on. I might hit a stone on the road and fall flat on the ground with my head first because I did not pay attention to the journey.

Journeys can be tough but most of the time it is self-inflicted. Be aware of this and do not blame others for you bad decisions on selecting the wrong road at the crossroad. You are only responsible for yourself. If you give your map into another person’s hands, and expect them to find your way, then do not expect them to take you through areas that you would like to visit. You have given away all responsibility and therefore you have no say in the matter.

So as you might have noticed this is something which you have to do yourself – and it has always been like this. We have just forgotten.



A self-reminder

A self-reminder

At first I felt sorry,
Like it was wrong not to follow
My heart was filled with worry
Tension around my forehead
Like a virus, it spreads
I wonder why I haven’t said
That I have no intention of acheiving a higher goal
All I want is to make my soul grow
Stronger, stronger day by day
Happy that this life exists
I will look at my bucketlist
Experiences of a lifetime is awaiting
But they will slowly reveal themselves, day by day
No need to hurry
Why the rush?
No need to worry…

I love you and I always will
I can hear it when I am completely still
Sometimes I forget
Sometimes it hides
But it never lies
Just underneath the cerface of the noise,
Diving under is your choice
Dive into unknown waters for a while
Who knows,
You might cerface the waters with a smile

Life and magic

I believe in Magic
The Magic of not knowing what will happen today
I do not have the slightest idea of whatever I am going to say
Will I be lost in a crowd?
Then I could just yell out loud
Perhaps someone might find me
Or everyone would just let me be
Feel, hear, smell, taste and see

Did you think that you could change this?
That you could take control?
That you could reach some kind of goal?
You do not seem to notice, that this is eternal bliss.

All you have to do is to be

It goes up and down
But we still have to fool a bit around
To learn what all of this is
Flirt around, give a kiss
Because I have learnt from one I know,
That you should always listen to the needs of your soul
We only have this one chance
It will pass you by in a glance
If you don’t listen and see
That in the end, all you have to do, is to be

Dansk indlæg – Togturen

Lige linjer
Det kører på skinner
Toget svinger og drejer med vejen
Skinnerne glimtre ad fugten fra regn
Folk sidder tyst i ret-rygsstolene
De ældre damer klamre sig til deres ejendele

Et lommetørklæde til den snottede næse,
Et puds, to puds, flere puds
Hildemen, det giver mig et ubehageligt sus

Bip, og døren lukker
Den forsinkede passager sukker
For der kører toget igen
Bumler og bumler

For hvilken mærkværdig måde vi lever på
Et tomrum mellem tomrum
Rør mig ikke, så kunne jeg jo finde på at hikke
Afvigende blikke, ingen akavede situationer – fantastisk
Jeg overlever måske denne tur faktisk!


Dansk indlæg – Santorini

Tag på et solrigt besøg
Til en smuk og fantastisk ø
Tryllebindende og betagende er hun
På lavastranden forvandles huden til gyldenbrun
I glasset skænkes den aromatiske, skønne drik
Man pressede også druerne til dette, i tiden vi kalder for antik
Drømmende udsigter, nærmest et levende landskabsmaleri
Smuk er du, Santorini

Med højdedrage, der imponerer
Solen, der hver aften i havet nedstiger
Frisklavet salat på en sommerdag
På balkonen kan man nyde den i ro og mag
En varm og venlig stemning ved restauranten
Den fortryllende duft fra basilikumsplanten
Alt dette, er hvad der betager mig ved hende,
Santorini, min helginde.

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The trees twist nakedly
I have weird sensations
The night is enchanting
Perhaps all I see are hallucinations
Red lights flash in the distant
A train is arriving
I hear the ocean roar far away
Sometimes I wonder what it is about this place that makes me stay
But then again I find the answer: For this is my hometown.


What a feeling and sensation
All sense has gone under complete extermination
I cannot stop thinking
The words become so addicting
They have nothing to do with me

But something keeps a tight grip
Something which you cannot see
Sometimes I cry: Please just let me be
Other times I hunger for it
I would probably also kill for it
If it wasn’t for the tiny silence which remains
It is only part of a game

Sweet words are like drugs
They both tease and they mock
For the purpose of feeling good
I will do whatever no one should
If I don’t stop for a secound
Look at my actions
Discover that my world has become small fractions
To forget pain of such a world
I somehow feel the hunger for flattery
To forget the sight of my difficult under-world
But that is not the way to be free

I am perfect
And nobody needs to tell me this
They should not even have a kiss
Otherwise I would for sure become an addict.